The Free Primary School was adopted by Soroptimist International of South Kolkata (SISK) in the year 2010. Located behind Charu Market un Tollygunge, currently has 23 students. it’s run by Bhabarani Bose, the Principal is dedicated and is trying hard to bring some changes in the lives of those children. A teacher herself, she runs the school along with two other teachers. Since its adoption, SISK has been actively supporting the school. This is our ongoing project for more than 10 years. SISK had continued to support the school by part payment of salaries of four teachers Rs 2700/ per month.  It also provides nutritious tiffin for 25 children. A major renovation was carried out at the end of 2019 where the school premises was repaired. The ceiling, flooring, doors and windows, and furniture were all repaired. The walls were painted, giving the school a new look and providing a clean and healthy learning environment to the children.

Every Saturday, members by rotation take classes. The focus is on spoken English, spellings and phonetics. Drawing, recitation, story telling, arts and craft, dance, singing and physical training us also done by our members. These sessions were termed “play and learn”. Savita Jagtiani, Malathy Rajgopalan and Barnali dutta manage the Saturday classes. Savita and Malathy mostly offer the children home cooked food. Shyamashree Roy was very happy to take care of the nursery children. Jyoti Prasad took a few craft classes for the children. Suman Bihani sponsored the mid-day meals for a period of time for the children.

Unfortunately, the school has closed down due to the pandemic and there is no further notice of its re-opening. 

Teachers’ Day, Children’s Day and World Literacy Day are observed at the school. On these days the teachers and children are treated with gifts and goodies. 

Teachers are upgraded with new teaching methods. They are also sponsored for Teacher’s training workshop.  


Currently under this project, SISK sponsors the education of four girls and one boy, from the underprivileged society. Certificates of achievement and cash prizes are awarded to deserving students for successfully completing their board exams. The children are also encouraged to finish their studies
The children currently under Shikshakiran are:
1. Supriya Naskar - Passed HS as a beneficiary of Shikshakiran. Taken up Hons in Bengali at Muralidhar Girs College.
2. Neha Das- Class XII Humanities student of Tollygunge Girls High School.
3. Rupam Halder - Class VI student of Andhra Association Hall.
4. Meenakshi Das - Class XII ISC student of Vidya Niketan.
5. Sumitra Sardar (new) - Class V student of Jadavpur High School. To start from Jan2021.


This project was started in July 2007, with 30 students. Ranjana Pillai, Past President of SI of South Kolkata, has been deligently taking classes since 2016 with the girls living in Institute of Psychological Educational Research (IPER) Shelter home. Depending on the level of understanding she has divided the girls into three groups and takes 6 classes a week, each group attends their classes twice a week. She uses story books and English primers for the children and the I-pad gifted by Dianne Stout of SI Dundee for conducting online tests and quizzes. These make the lessons very interesting for the children. and helps them to learn quicker through group activities. Sometimes the children are treated to fun and educational movies. This has proved extremely popular with the girls and has been a good aid for understanding English. Presently, the number of students is 10 as some girls have left IPER and shifted to other home as per government directive.


Spoken English and activity classes are undertaken at Madartala by Shukla Chattopadhyay. The classes are conducted on every Wednesday in two batches for the women and children of that locality. They are basically taught simple spoken English required on a daily basis, importance of knowing English, basic hygiene and the importance of keeping our surroundings clean. Dianne Stout from our Friendship Link club SI Dundee gifted an Ipad for the literacy classes at Madartala. There were plans to intriduce art and craft classes which were postponed due to the pandemic.



P-39/1, Prince Anwar Shah Road, 114 a CIT scheme, Kolkata - 700045