SISK works towards ecological and environmental sustainable projects. The Club initiated an extensive cleanliness drive in the surrounding areas with Garbage Free India, and spreads awareness about a clean and green environment. Under 'Green Umbrella' a national project by National Association of Soroptimist International of India (NASI), SISK planted 8 different varieties of saplings at the Indian Life Saving Society Members adopted Neem and Ashok plants , nurtured them for a year and then handed them over to Mother Earth Foundation (MEF) which was then planted in the city. SISK was part of a plantation program at Deshapriya Park alongside Mother Earth Foundation.


A presentation on Waste Management was organized by SN Greenovation educating people about the need to segregate waste and the importance and utility of composting. Some of our members too are following this with great results.SISK plans to expand this programme to a few multi-storied complexes in the city. Partnering with SN Greenovation to create awareness about the hazards of disposal of sanitary pads and its effect on environment, SISK has held several sessions with women of Rongkol and the girls of Institute of Psychological and Educational Research. Under this project SISK promotes the use of biodegradable sanitary napkins and reusable silicon cups.



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