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'A Fistful of Grain' under this scheme, grains are collected from the city school children and given to organizations that provide mid-day meal to under privileged children. In the process, the children learn to care and share with their less fortunate brethren.This is an on-going project.

Eye check-ups held for the local community.

Awareness on Breast & Cervical Cancer.

Awareness in Osteoporosis & Arthritis, followed by bone density test and screening for diabetes.


Awareness programme on the theme 'How safe is food from farm to table' conducted by our member Dr Gita Chatterjee. 

A Sanitary vending machine was installed in Pareshnath Balika Vidyalaya in Dhakuria in collaboration with Inner Wheel Club of South Kolkata. An onsite incinerator ensures zero contamination in handling and safe disposal of used sanitary napkins.

On Menstrual Hygiene, awareness programmes are held at intervals to promote silicon cups which are sold at a subsidized rate to underprivileged women and girls.

Recently, SISK organized an Awareness programme on Mental Health 'Think On It'. Violence against women and girls has a tremendous effect on their mental health. It can lead to post-traumatic stress, depression, sleep and eating disorders, suicidal thoughts and attempts. To cope with all this, a Cell has been initiated, whereby a Psychotherapist will come once a month to counsel the women and girls.

A Programme for the wellbeing of Senior citizens was also held.

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