‘A Fistful of Grain’
Under this scheme, grains are collected from the city school children and given to organisations that provide mid-day meals to under privileged children. In the process, the children learn to care and share with their less fortunate brethren. This is an ongoing project.
The schools where the projects was undertaken are:
Birla High School
South City International School
Ashok Hall
Gokhale Memorial
La Martiniere for Girls’
The beneficiaries of this project over the years have been Free Primary School, Institute of Psychological and Educational Research (IPER), The Emmanuel School and Mother Teresa’s Home.


Free dental camp in association with Institute of Psychological and Educational Research (IPER) was organized on April 2019. Dr. Avik Ghosh and Dr. Chandana Karnawat did an oral check of around 61 in all and medicines and follow up treatments was also prescribed.  Small packs of toothpaste and mouthwash were given to the beneficiaries. The doctors stressed and educated the children on the importance of good oral health.  


#ThinkOnIt #HearMeToo

Mental Health being the focus in 2019, it was but important to talk about our own mental health before other. A session held by then President Reshma Narwani, was not only interesting but also gave us a chance to introspect our thoughts and feelings. A session of sharing our anxiety, stress, and most importantly learning to deal with it. Importance of taking care of our mental health, sharing it with someone who can understand you or by just writing it in a journal were some important tips shared by the then president. 

Another interactive session was conducted for around 350 students of class XII of Bhawanipore Gujrati Education Society School. Then President Reshma Narwani briefed the students on the activities of SI of South Kolkata and the importance of talking about mental health. Mr. Anil Bhimsaria, founder of “Rise and Shine” and Ms. Shweta Agarwal taught the students the importance of following one’s passion and the importance of also setting a reachable goal. 

This was an in-house programme conducted by Reshma Narwani and Barnali Dutta for all SISK members, It was much appreciated by everyone and of immense value to seniors staying alone. Charity, after all, begins are home!

Reshma shared her presentation of Tune your Mind, Body, Soul and spoke about being centered and tranquil. Barnali’s presentation was about Awareness of Negative Thoughts. She shared some personal experience about ways of ridding ourselves of the power that negative thoughts and emotions hold over us.

The session on Mental Health and Well Being was a very welcome theme in the frustration and distress caused by loneliness, frequent news of death and inability to share time and space with much loved family members and friends. 


Masks and sanitizers were distributed to the children associated with Calcutta Social Project, Chetla Branch. The children are basically form the streets and some are orphan. The children were educated about the importance of washing their hands regularly and also the proper way of wearing a mask. The masks were stitched for distribution by SISK by The Institute for Indian Mother and Child (IIMC)


Black Polythene Foundation, co-founded by three girls’ of class XII from Kolkata donated 20000 sanitary napkins to SI of South Kolkata. The distribution of napkins was facilitated by Sabuj Sangha, an NGO working at grassroots in the Sunderbans to adolescent girls in 5 schools and to the women in the locality of GangaSagar.

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